About Us

Hamlet Farm

Chasing a dream and a future for their family, Luke and Catherine found their “Hamlet” (a village without shops) and planted their macadamia orchard in 2008 after Luke’s last tour to Afghanistan.

Even before they had thought of pigs the farm was christened “Hamlet” and now true to its name Hamlet is the home of many gentle heritage Berkshire pigs.

Inspired by the local Italian culture in Waroona and the difficulty in sourcing tasty pork locally, Luke extensively researched different breeds of pigs and found a farmer in Western Australia that bred Berkshires.  After a few years of breeding in 2014 Hamlet Pork began with deliveries to family and friends in Perth and Mandurah and all over the South West.    


Luke was raised on a wheat and sheep farm near Lockhart in New South Wales and after his family moved off the farm he always hoped to return to that life.  Luke served more than 15 years in the Australian Army and 6 years in the SAS Regiment in Perth. 


Catherine was born and raised in Western Australia and has over the years also spent time in Germany and Italy learning their language and food.  Catherine enjoys spending time on the farm with their children and beloved Berkshire pigs and also divides her time between Hamlet Farm and her work as a commercial lawyer.